Introduction to TrueZK

TrueZK - Unlocking Web3’s True Potential

Welcome to the TrueZK (opens in a new tab) GitHub repository!

TrueZK provides the most seamless approach to incorporate the power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in your enterprise software, be it applications or any EVM-Compatible L1 blockchain.

TrueZK is a ZK Rollup as a Service (RAAS) focused zkEVM that offers Privacy On Demand, Scalability, Account Abstraction, Mobile & Unity gaming SDKs, and RWA infra to drive mass adoption.

This project is dedicated to enhancing the scalability, privacy, and security of evm compatible networks. Whether you are a blockchain developer, an enterprise exploring blockchain solutions, or simply your own zkRollup in future.

Key Features

zkRollup As A Service

Offers Ethereum level security while offering both public & private ledgers.

Permissionless One Stop Platform

Permissionless One Stop Platform to launch your customized rollup at your fingertips

Privacy On Demand

Private & Public EVM compatible ledger offer privacy to institutions

Mobile & Gaming SDKs
Build SDKs & Enhance Native mobile & Unity app developer support
Post Quantum Resistant ZKP
Post-Quantum ZK Prover & TrueID with DiLithium
True Wallet w Account Abstraction
Offer seamless user experience by using EIP- 4337

Community and Support